Keys 4 Life Piano Studio - Professional, Creative Piano Lessons

Hello! My name is Diana Bluebaugh. Welcome to my website! My piano studio is named  Keys 4 Life because my goal is to inspire, encourage and motivate all my students to be strong musicians and have a LIFELONG love of playing the piano.  

Younger Students (Ages 6+): Experience creativity with a digital keyboard, games, theory exercises (fun ones), duets, ensembles and many, many different styles of music. Learning piano is anything but boring!  A cookie cutter approach is not used because every student is different and their goals for learning to play piano are varied! While the techniques, skills and theory behind music don't change....the way in which they are delivered can be! Parents are welcome at lessons!
Adult Students: Did you take piano when  you were younger?   Were the lessons dull?  Were your recitals nightmares?  Most adults don't have warm, fuzzy feelings regarding those times, and unfortunately didn't stay with piano lessons.  Now they would give anything to be able to play for their own enjoyment. It's never too late and you are NEVER too old!  Lessons are taught in a stress free environment.  You benefit physically, spiritually, and emotionally from playing music!
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